Discover Why You Should be a Content Creator and Not a Marketer

Labels are important. Most important are the ones that we give ourselves. How you define yourself will colour the way you see yourself, and this, in turn, is going to influence the way that you interact with others, your happiness, your confidence and much more about you.

How you label yourself is particularly true for people like internet marketers. If you’re someone who works online, then you will work a job that isn’t easily defined and that many people won’t understand. What is it you do again? How do you make money without leaving the house?

And it also changes the way you feel about the work you do and the work that you will end up pursuing. I recommend considering shifting the way you describe yourself from ‘internet marketer’ to ‘content creator’ and here is why.

You might be wondering how you can go ahead and change your label if you’re still doing the same job. Isn’t a content creator something entirely different from a digital marketer?
Well, not really!

These days, content marketing is the most effective option for any brand wanting to increase its visibility and status online. Content marketing is necessary for SEO (because SEO predicts on having content for Google to crawl) and it is synonymous with social media marketing (because one of the most critical aspects of social media marketing is sharing content through your various channels).

And if you’re a content marketer who creates articles and videos for a blog, then chances are that you have the precise same goals as the marketers: getting your content seen.

The only difference is that a content marketer is someone who puts the ends first, whereas the content creator puts the quality content first. They put the value first. The content creator builds a brand and then promotes that brand with excellent multimedia content. The marketer, on the other hand, looks at the market and asks how they can make money…

Why the Content Creator is the Better Outlook

But the content creator – ironically – actually often makes more money. That’s because they have a brand they believe in and they are putting more work into their content. Both these things are not lost on readers who will end up wanting to spend more money as a result. And thanks to Google’s more recent changes, they’re not lost in the search algorithms either.

Then there’s the fact that content creators are happier than those that only market products that aren’t theirs. Why? Because they are working on something, they love. Success doesn’t come online quite as quickly as some marketers will have you believe. It takes a lot of time and even more work. If you’re going to avoid letting this crush you and make you miserable, then you better ensure that you are doing it for love and not because you have to!

Think about all the most wealthy and famous people online. How did they get there? From pedalling ‘make money’ ebooks? Or by creating a fantastic YouTube channel and sharing a vibrant personality and talent for writing and production?

Do what you love instead of selling what others sell to you. You’ll be happier for it in the long run.